Living Color LED Rose Light


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Living Color Changing LED Rose Lamp Tea Light

Rose LED Lamp

Switched on

led rose lamp
BL-Rose Light
(LxWxH)3x3x2 inches
Auto-Changes to all the soothing colors above
Soft, comfortable mood and de-stressing light
Price: $3.89 ea

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Made out of an injected plastic like PVC mold that looks like a wax rose. It is white until you turn on the light and then it auto-changes into 7 different soothing colors. Flameless, heatless, long-lasting and great for any occasion or decorating needs, like a tea light lamp on tables. Perfect for parties and mood lighting to be used anywhere - even your desk, cubical or dresser. It also creates a romantic, pleasure and relaxing atmosphere when a change in mood is essential or de-stressing.
Perfect for yourself or as a lovely gift.
Built-in 3 AG13 button batteries (replaceable battery)
Safe around children and small pets
Lifetime LED Bulb!
Not waterproof